Things have been a little intense. It’s about 3 weeks since I was hired by Borgen and 2 weeks that I’ve actually been contributing my writing. And 9 articles into it, I’m loving it. But I’m also totally exhausted. On top of my 40 hours a week at my paying job I’m putting in 20+ in research and writing as well. I’m only up to the 5 articles a week part of the internship. But, pretty soon, I’ll be required to do 7 a week.

Part of me keeps hoping that I’ll be able to go ahead and bust out a bunch right now so I’ll actually be ahead of the game.

The other part of me realizes that I’m a terrible procrastinator.

I’ve been assigned two topics that I’m supposed to write most of my articles about. One is pretty easy to find information about, clean water. All over the place there are new purification and desalination processes coming out. And people all over the world are starting new groups and generally coming together to make access to clean water a reality.

The other topic, the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, is proving way more difficult. I’ve only found one hearing so far that has anything to do with global poverty. A fair amount that deal with human rights issues. And a TON that deal with why certain groups think Obama sucks. Not the least helpful. Not to mention, the news team posted a topic that needed to be covered this week that dealt directly with the committee. But some girl (who isn’t even assigned that topic) snatched it before I could. Ugh.

Oh well, I’m sure I’ll come across more things over the next 10 weeks. And I am allowed to write about other things sometimes, it’s just the majority of my stuff has to deal with water and the senate.

I really am enjoying it a ton, though. It’s challenging me to think and write in different ways than I normally would. And I’m learning a lot about poverty that I probably would have missed otherwise.

The weekly conference calls are a little boring. but I understand why we have to do them.

Here are some of my articles!

Protests in Brazil Escalate Over FIFA – Chelsea Evans

Students Stand Up For Clean Water in Kenya – Chelsea Evans

They also had us create a Crowdrise account for fundraising. If you feel some great humanitarian need to donate, that would be great. If not, no worries. The money goes to what we do; traveling, informing, debating, and learning. We don’t physically do aid or give the money to people as Clint Borgen actually works with our government to promote us actively taking a larger part in global aid for poverty. ┬áBut none of the money lines the pockets of the employees, this is a strictly non-profit group. These people are either volunteers or interns working for Borgen part of the day and holding down normal jobs the rest. If you want to learn more, go to Borgen Project.