My name is Chelsea. I graduated in 2009 from UNCA with a Bachelor’s in Literature. I was laid-off from a glorious mind-numbing and painful (physically and mentally) management job in August of 2012. While it provided me with a plenitude of issues related to money and feelings of self-worth, it also gave me the chance to reach for all those stars and start over.

Which, I didn’t do.

This blog started out as an attempt to keep track of my struggles to get a career job while unemployed.

Now I work as a peon at a grocery store and this blog has gone into its chrysalis and been reborn as a beautiful blog butterfly a blog about my attempt to prevent myself from killing all customers and keeping my constantly lowering spirits just high enough to stay moving! Sounds like a good time, right?!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Chelsea, Please post a list of some jobs you would never do, possible examples: Alaskan Ice fisherperson, dangerous ammo reloader, butcher area cleanup.

    • Cow insemination expert, sneeze guard, or magical nanny who accidentally kills children all fall under that category. I would not, however, be above selling buttscratchers, acting as Uma Thurman’s eye wrangler, or conducting the Sand People Choir.

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