Hurricane Sandy: Taking a Moment to Consider.

Credit: The Verge

So we all watched as hurricane Sandy ripped open the northeast at the end of October, or we were even there to witness the action in all it’s horror. I feel like all the people I know had at least some level of genuine concern for awhile. And hopefully still do, even if my Facebook feed is no longer littered with prayers and pictures. What’s really getting to me at the moment are the people I come in contact with at work. Most of our conversations involve “Hello. How are you? Is it getting colder outside? Would you like that in a bag? No you have to hit the green button as enter first. Here’s your receipt. Have a nice day!” Every once in awhile I get someone who I can actually talk to and have fun with. There’s one guy in particular who seems to come through my line every time he’s there who just cracks me up. But mostly, just vague unimportant civilities that I forget a moment later.

Now, though, I have to add “Would you like to donate money to the Red Cross for hurricane Sandy relief?” Holy shit. I get some heated responses to this one, let me tell you. It is just astounding how upset people get at the idea of you asking them to take money away from their overpriced junk to help someone who no longer has anything, junk or otherwise. Here are some of the more tame responses I get.

  • No, I already did that. I already gave A LOT of money.
  • Oh. No, no, no. No!
  • Uhhhhh. Not today.

Those are still irksome for a few reasons. The first one bothers me because it seems like the person is really going out of their way to make sure that I understand how much they don’t suck by letting me know that they are super generous. Apparently one more dollar will kill them, though.

The second one gives me the idea that I have somehow insulted the person by asking. They usually have a disgruntled look on their face when saying this. As though I suggested that they want to steal the other customer’s baby and sacrifice it to satan on the register. Or that they shop at Walmart.

And the last one I can sort of understand. Maybe you have a tight spending limit. But I literally had someone donate $0.66. Seriously. Every little thing can help. I don’t really believe that you’re going to come back and donate.

I have two favorites, though. Two responses that have really made me want to say something just lovely.

  • NO! Those people are STUPID. How the hell do you live on a coast and not prepare for a hurricane? I’m from Florida and I always have extra candles, flashlights, blankets, food, and my own generator to make sure that I’M safe in a storm. You can’t seriously expect me to take pity on STUPID people! It’s their own damn fault and they can just save themselves.
  • Ha. No! Democrats can pay for it. They want to give out welfare and food stamps and everything else to lazy people? They can pay for this too.

Not surprisingly, both of these statements came the day after the election ended.  I could just assume that these men were upset that Mitt lost and were taking it out on everything they could. But, somehow, I believe they, or at least the first guy, were just being a little too honest with the 20-something, female, struggling, grocery store cashier.

The first one is just insane. He’s seriously comparing Florida, a state that averages 70 degrees all year round, to the northeast in October and November? Yeah, you lose power in Florida for a couple weeks it’s annoying as hell. Hot and sticky. You lose power in the winter up north? You can actually die. Combine that with a lack of food, shelter, and water and there’s a straight up emergency on your hands. Does he really not realize they just got hit with a snowstorm up there?

Saying that they all need to be more prepared is a bit absurd as well. Let’s compare the number of hurricanes to hit Florida, and even the North Carolina coast where I’m from, to that part of the country. From 2000 Florida has had 58 tropical and subtropical storms affect it. North Carolina has had 48. Now let’s look at New Jersey…they have a 1 in 200 chance of getting hit by a hurricane or the chance of getting directly hit once every 10 years. Maybe. New York has been affected by 84 storms total…since the 17th century…See where I’m going with this? To compare a place that literally dangles off the country into tropical waters like a some crazy penis asking to be swallowed by numerous storms a year, to states that are generally far enough north to only feel the remnants of storms is absurd.

Credit: Getty Images

And, on top of all that, no amount of batteries, flashlights, and blankets are going to help when your home has washed away.

As for the Democrats paying for it, that guy was  just pissed about Obama winning. To suggest that the people affected by the hurricane are struggling because they are lazy makes no sense at all.  I mean, he probably really doesn’t care what’s going on up there and was trying to be obnoxious. Beyond that, though, he clearly just has some issues with paying higher taxes on his wealth and “giving” his paycheck to lazy people…and I just can’t go into another rant about that right now.

This is not to say that I haven’t had any good experiences with getting donations. One lady gave $25 without me even having to ask if she wanted to. I regularly get anywhere from $1-$5 every few customers. I just wish the rest of them would say “no thanks” and move on. No reason to be so angry about it. And people out there, just because you’ve moved on to posting pictures of election related things does not mean that people are no longer struggling to survive and get by. At least keep them in your thoughts after moving on to post a picture of Obama shooting rainbows out of his eyes while riding a unicorn. Send some good energy into the world and donate, if you can.


One thought on “Hurricane Sandy: Taking a Moment to Consider.

  1. People are absolutely ridiculous. i can’t think of any situation where I’d feel the need to go on a tangent colored by my political beliefs to an innocent cashier. The worst is when people say something unbelievably ignorant and then are genuinely surprised when they notice you’re not laughing with them. What happened to the days when people answered questions succinctly, and using logic?

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