Neglectful Nancy

I realize it’s been about 3 weeks since my last post, and I feel like I’ve been cheating on my boyfriend. My blog boyfriend, that is. But between getting sick, starting the job, considering immediately quitting the job, going to Scarowinds, going to Atlanta, interviewing for an internship, helping out a friend’s non-profit and starting my Magazine Writing class…things have been a little hectic. As a result writing sadly took a back seat. I kept thinking “Crap, I really need to update.” And then immediately falling asleep.

The good news is, though, I’ve been compiling a vast list of fabulous things to write about. This is just a momentary update to let the good people of wordpress know I haven’t died and I haven’t totally left off writing. So. Be prepared for a hilarious insight into my new life as a cashier tomorrow evening around 9pm (eastern)!


One thought on “Neglectful Nancy

  1. Looking forward to it. 😉 I was a cashier once, too. I was actually just thinking about writing about that whole 3 year experience the other day. I’m very excited to see what’s been going on!

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