To Blog, or Not To Blog?

Even though I have a job now, I am going to a) continue with the blog and b) continue with the name. This is because I don’t technically consider myself “gainfully” employed. I’m not actually gaining anything from this other than imaginary bits of paper in my bank account that I can in turn trade for having some walls and food and such. Technically it is defined as any employment where you earn money, have a safe environment, pleasant people to work with, variety of tasks,  sense of performing well, and respect. And, to be honest, there are a couple of  things on that list that were totally lacking in my last job. But, I hardly consider working at a place that provides good work conditions and a lack of knife throwing displays to be gaining much more than I should already be expecting.

I’ve been in customer service for 10 years now. That’s the only thing I’ve really ever done, unless you count editing papers for free or starting a failure of a tutoring service. In fact, I was the manager of a customer service business. I was only $500,000 and a title away from being a business owner (never do franchise ownership–to be discussed in a later blog). So to start back at the beginning is not all that helpful to me as far as experience goes. So, until I am employed in a job that teaches me a bunch of new things and broadens my horizons and uses my customer service skills in new and exciting ways, I still technically consider myself unemployed.


3 thoughts on “To Blog, or Not To Blog?

  1. Oh quite 🙂 Actually. It has its moments. I had some amazing regulars & randoms at my last job that made it worth while. And then there were the more sub-par customer experiences that made me want to jump over the counter screaming and attacking people.

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