Writing Work

What’s this?  There is literally a job posting on my Alma Mater’s Career site for blogging. Yep. And another one for copywriting. I’m jumping up and down (inside, lol) with the idea that I could get a job or internship doing something fun like writing. Of course I am hardly a professional blogger. And I have limited experience with copywriting. But, I do know how to write and I love to write.

There’s another posting for a local medical magazine. They need someone to interview doctors and such and write articles to the editor’s specifications. I would have to provide a writing sample to prove my abilities. But, I have no idea what I would submit. I’ve never really written an article. So I have to figure out whether an essay or a critical analysis would be appropriate.

What this really does for me, even if I don’t get a job, is give me hope that I could have a future job that I actually really enjoy. It makes me feel that, even though most people label my degree as useless, I can actually do something with what I learned in college.

And in turn, this relieves my sense of hopelessness. It sort of appeases the feeling that I am doing nothing more than drifting through this life.

And that, that is just a fabulous thing.


2 thoughts on “Writing Work

  1. As someone with their degree in English, I definitely feel your pain with regard to the hopelessness. I wish an optional thicker skin had been included in my tuition costs when I was in school. Like you mentioned though, when I read a job ad that sounds like my dream job and is also something I could feasibly do… it makes all the applications and the waiting worthwhile. Good luck with your search!

    • Thanks! It’s always good to know their are others like me out there. It isn’t always easy trying to explain it to other people. Of course, most people hear what my degree is in and say “Oh! You want to be an author/teacher!” Well…no…not exactly. I’m not even sure people know what we do in a English/Literature program. Oh well. Good luck to you as well!

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