Frugal Finery

I love fall. I never knew what a real “fall” was when I was very young because I lived in Florida until I was 10. I got a small taste of what fall could be like once we moved to the coasts of North Carolina. But now that I am in the mountains, I have formed a life-long love affair with the season. Summer is hot and crowded. It has it’s own magic, as do all the seasons. There is just something gorgeous and beautiful and graceful about fall.

What’s sad to me is that I have very few autumn decorations. I have a fair number of Halloween decorations, but I refuse to put those up until October. And of course I don’t have an income so I can’t buy any.

So, I’ve started looking into easy and cheap homemade decoration ideas. Some of them still sound kind of expensive. But some are really cute and look really easy. I would have to make some of them year after year, unless I came up with a way to preserve them. In a way, though, that would give me something fun to do every year. A tradition of sorts. So here are some of the things that I have come across.

I’m definitely doing those three. If you google homemade fall decorations you’ll come up with a lot of neat stuff.

Anyone out there have any good tips? I want to use stuff I can either get for practically nothing, that I can recycle, I may already have, or anything I can find outside.

I’m excited. And hopefully this can keep my mind off of not actually working.


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