Coupon Craziness

I’ve put off attempting to “coupon” for years now. Generally I thought women who were hard core couponers were…well hard core crazy. I know people who literally spent hours cutting coupons and then spent hours more in the store searching out the deals. I’ve never had the time to dedicate to doing that. Nor did I want to have the time.

The problem I always had is that most of the time the coupons they come out with are either for things people never buy on a regular basis or they’re only good if you purchase 600 pounds of food to get 0.75 off.

But, because I am between jobs at the moment I thought I would check out the various coupon sites.

These sites bother me for a few reasons

  • You have to give them your email so you end up being bombarded with emails you don’t want or need.
  • You usually have to download some kind of software and/or tool bar to use the site. The last thing we need cluttering up our computer is more tool bar crap.
  • Even though there are 500 different sites, they all have the same coupons available, for groceries anyways.
  • A lot of the coupons are for stores I don’t have in my area, Publix and Meijers, or places I don’t really need to save money, like Walgreens and CVS, because I shop there rather infrequently.

I did manage to find some pretty decent deals. Some of them are for things I actually buy regularly. Some of for things I need for recipes I want to make this week. And the rest are just things I figure we might as well try if we can save money on them for now.

I suppose this may be easier if I got the Sunday paper, but they don’t deliver to apartments and I’m not about to go out and try to find a newspaper box to buy it. Especially if all I want are the coupons.

I’m tempted to try contacting the manufacturers directly, I just need to figure out what brands I eat and go from there. Has anyone had any luck with this approach?

In any case, I’m going to use what I have and keep an eye out for more deals. My boyfriend is rather skeptical and uninterested, but as a he is a man I don’t blame him in the least. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Coupon Craziness

  1. My landlord uses a lot I think. I imagine if you can plan meals based on what’s on sale, it helps a lot too (I know a friend who does that with his meats- if X is on sale, that’s that for the week. You just adjust your meals or plan means for X meat instead of Y meat). Make sure you shop the house/store brands too & have discount/customer cards for them all.

    Our local recreation center hosts a coupon club a few times a month too, if there’s anything like that near you, I bet you could go and get a lot of tips.

    • Yeah, I know what you mean with the meal planning. I wanted to make a chicken meal. I went to poultry and saw that the recipe asked for chicken thighs. But the legs were on sale because they were close to their date. I was making the meal that night, so BAM chicken legs. I need to start picking up the store’s paper insert on what’s on sale. I don’t mind buying the store brand for a lot of things, but some stuff I just can’t abide. It’s crammed full of extremely high levels of MSG and other unfortunate things.
      I’ll look for a coupon club, too. Although Steven might have not be too excited about that lol. He thinks the couponing is nuts. 🙂

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