Program Management

Good news, everyone! A fabulous volunteer opportunity has come my way! It isn’t paid work, but it is going to look amazing on a resume.

I used a local volunteer site to locate opportunities, as I mentioned in Volumes of Volunteering. I had not heard too much about any of the activities until the other day. The local YWCA contacted me about doing some clerical work for some of their offices. I figured this meant doing some copying and filing and all that sort of stuff. Nothing too complicated, but something to pass the time and put on my resume.

I went and met with Caroline this afternoon to see who I could be paired with. One of the women wasn’t in her office so we went to see the second woman who needed help.

It turns out that the YWCA day care has recently switched over from using Excel to a software program called icare. The mothers clock the child in when they drop them off and clock them out when they leave. The people working in the office then keep the child’s file up to date in the database by documenting how long they were at the daycare and for what days. The daycare is actually a free program offered by the Y to single mothers. The mother has to be in school and actively looking for a job, if they don’t have one. Therefore the program has to keep careful tabs on their costs and how many people go through their each day. This information is sent to corporate and the people who donate money to the organization. It is also probably sent to welfare and single parent organizations as well.

Because it is a new program, not many people know how to use it yet. Most of the data has been entered but there are still 2 months worth of information that needs to be entered. The woman in charge of the day care, Katherine, needs someone who can really learn the program and start implementing it properly. That way, at the end of the year, everything will still be where it  needs to be and they don’t have to play a lot of catch up trying to fix things. She also needs someone who can teach the rest of the volunteers and employees how to use it so they can help the mothers use it when they come in.

So, in short, I am going to be the Program Manager for the new icare software! Again, it isn’t paid, but it will be a lot of help to the Y and look just fantastic to employers.

I mean, it’s one thing to say you know your way around a computer. It is another to be able to say “Yeah, I learned and implemented a new program used by the YWCA and taught the use of said program to other people. I helped them completely switch over and was an asset to their company.” BOOM.

I’m also really excited because it gives me something to do, it’s an office environment, I basically set my own hours, and it will end up being a big help to a lot of people. Can’t argue with that!

I feel like this is a really good step in the right direction for me. I think it could open some door and create more good opportunities in the future.

Yay me!


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