Lesson Planning Problems

In my attempt to start up a side business tutoring high schoolers, I’ve realized that I need a good lesson plan to get started. All people learn differently. Some are good with just reading the material and taking notes. Some need a more active approach actually working on problems themselves. Some need visual aids. And some people need a combination of all those things.
I have a plan in place for teaching SAT students. It’s mostly a matter of them getting a practice book. I have the student take a test and write a timed essay before we meet. Then I go over it and pinpoint the places they need the most work. From there I can implement lectures, practice problems, and physical examples to make my lesson clear. If they can’t get their own practice book I know the internet is teeming with SAT prep materials.
But when students need help with more basic things, like grammar, it becomes a little more difficult. I’ve tried to find some templates online, but it’s a little dry from what I can tell.
I guess I can use their homework. Probably find worksheets online. Vocabulary shouldn’t be too difficult. We can make flash cards. Word Finds and crossword puzzles are always fun. Maybe I can come up with vocabulary games or something. I want to make learning as interesting as possible. I realize that a lot of the problem that people have with English is that they think it is boring. People tend to feel that other people will understand them, regardless of whether they use proper English or not so why bother. And that’s…just sad to me. I love words and have minor break downs any time a person uses our language incorrectly. It seriously grates on my nerves. I just really want to show kids that words are fun and interesting and can provide a wealth of opportunity if you use them properly.
I think I may just have to cross that bridge when I get to it. Granted, I haven’t even gotten any jobs. So it seems a little silly to worry too much about it now. I would just prefer to be prepared for whatever may come my way.
If any readers out there happen to have any teaching resources they are willing to share, I would appreciate the help!


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