Joys of Journaling

Something that this has all made me realize, is that I really want to start working on my long term goals. One of which is to have a book of non-fiction short stories and essays published. Granted, this is a very long term goal. But I figure I may as well get started on it now.

Since it is unbelievably  difficult to just jump in an write brilliant and well considered stories, no matter if they are fiction or nonfiction, I have started journaling instead. I have found some great websites with prompts to help get you started.

Basically I’ve been picking topics every day to write small blurbs about. I only take them as far as I feel the need to before moving on to a new topic.

Not only should this help keep my writing skills in check, but hopefully will give me some good material for stories. They could be starting points, filler, anecdotes, or revised completely and made into something totally different.

I also really need to stay in practice if I am going to try to go back to school next year. Graduate school is not the time to suddenly realize all my writing skills have become rusty or were never as good as they could be to begin with.



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