Impending Interviews.

I don’t actually have an interview, yet. But I need to be ready. So I went out the other day and spent (ugh) money on some nice clothes for when that day comes. Previously I owned nothing more than jeans and t-shirts. Well, I had my work uniform. But I literally chucked that in the trash when I was laid off. No point in keeping ratty khaki pants and old work shirts. Plus, it was cathartic to throw it all away.

If I end up biting the bullet and just getting another service industry job, I won’t need the interview clothes…right away. But I figure I can just hold on to them until I DO get a “real” job. Plus they’ll be useful when I interview for graduate school. And they’re pretty cute so I know I can find other uses for them. I can always be a zombie news broadcaster for Halloween. Or a zombie businesswoman.

My boyfriend brought up a good point while we were shopping, though. There appears to be a vast difference between what men can wear to an interview/work and what women can wear.


  • Button down Oxford shirt
  • Dress slacks
  • Dress shoes
  • Blazer
  • Tie
  • Or just go for the whole sha-bang and wear a business suit


  • Dress slacks
  • Dressy skirt (pencil, business, etc) as long as it isn’t too short
  • Dress
  • Blazer
  • Sensible heels
  • Any dressy, sensible shirt.

Women can easily wear a dressy shirt. Throw a blazer over it and BAM you have business attire. We can stick to the button down, if we want to, but turtle necks and blouses work just as well. As long as it isn’t too “loud” or sexy or anything like that. I also got myself a really cute dress. Pair it with some tights or hose and some heels and it’s perfect for interviewing in.

We can also wear jewelry and hair accessories within reason. Men are limited to a watch with well groomed hair.

In general women really do have more clothing options than men. Maybe that’s why we are more interested in clothing. With all the choices available, there’s just too much to choose from! If we only had different variations of pants, shorts, and shirts we would probably lose interest pretty quickly! Ha.

At least I am prepared now. Granted it is impossible to find dress pants in my size. I mean, I can find them in my waist size. But no one seems to sell “short” dress pants. So the pants I purchased are going to have to be hemmed up, unless I want to walk around dragging the bottoms and tripping all over the place! As much fun as that sounds, I’ll have to go with just stitching them up.

Something else I noticed, just a side note here, what in the world is up with all the 80’s clothing? I realize it has been “trending” for awhile now, but it seems to be getting so much WORSE. All the blazers I saw had huge gold buttons and the weird bunching of the sleeves on one side. Everything had multiple solid blocks of mismatched colors and I actually saw some stuff with shoulder pads. Fashion is clearly running out of new ideas. Things always make several rounds in the fashion world, but I was born in the 80’s, it’s a little soon to be bringing that back. Same with the 90’s. I say we do the 20’s. Or the 50’s. At least I wouldn’t be blinded by neon and glitter every time I went to the mall.

So. I’m ready and willing. All I need now is the opportunity. Come on job offers!


4 thoughts on “Impending Interviews.

  1. The clothes, yes! It’s so bad! Awful 80’s and 90’s stuff is coming back. Color blocked shoes (ew), etc. My friend from home even told me that apparently button down denim shirts are back. Maybe I’ll pull out my scrunchie collection and put a ponytail on top of my head.

    • I’ve seen scrunchies, denim shirts (paired with denim pants and jackets), high waisted everything, acid wash, etc. I’ve even seen some girls with those string hair wraps that used to be popular when I was in elementary school. And those plastic chokers that look like tattoos (kind of). I better bust out my bicycle shorts and too large t-shirts. Throw on some white Reeboks and call it a day.

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