Volumes of Volunteering

In an attempt to fill my days, pump up the resume, and do some good in the world  I have started looking for some volunteer work. It turns out that Asheville is just teeming with volunteer opportunities.

I did sign up for something called the Book Sorting Bonanza! on September 19th. It’s a 2 hour long event where people get together to sort, organize, and clean out used books. Once that is done, the books are taken to children in need, the homeless, and prisoners. Should be  fun event and it’s  a great cause. If anyone is an advocate for more people reading, it’s me.

I also expressed interest in:

  • Helpmate – Reception
  • Western North Carolina Alliance – Office Support
  • Asheville City Schools Foundation – Education Coach
  • Asheville Greenworks – Office Support
  • YWCA – Clerical
  • The Rathbrun Center – Front Desk
  • Our VOICE – Prevention Education Volunteer
  • Green Opportunities – Office Support
  • Three Streams Family Health Center – Office Support
  • Smith-McDowell House – Museum guide
  • Asheville Art Musuem – Shop and Guest Services

I realize that is a lot to try and do all at once. But these are all “ongoing” opportunities. So I figure the ones that actually need volunteers right away will contact me first. And in this case it’ll be first come first serve.

Some of the things I want to do simply because of personal interest, like the Art Museum and the Smith-McDowell house. I chose Our VOICE because I’m passionate about sexual education and the prevention of sexual crimes. The rest are a combination of interest, passion, and the fact that the present really great opportunities for job related experience.

The more I can prove myself now, the better my chances are at getting a decent job later down the road.

Plus, I have always really wanted to spend more time volunteering, but have found it to be difficult with my insane work schedule and constantly changing availability.

I really think this should a good time for me.


6 thoughts on “Volumes of Volunteering

  1. Volunteering is good for your soul… and great for networking. Volunteering at events that benefit children are a great way to meet families who need a tutor (for instance). Vistaprint usually has great deals on promotional materials that make you look super professional without spending an arm & both legs.

    • Yeah, I’ve always really wanted to volunteer more. The only thing being jobless seems to be good for is allowing me more time to do that. Which, is exciting in a way. I’ll definitely check out Vistaprint. The site i use, WyzAnt, also has some great promotional materials to take advantage of. Like flyers and business cards and such. And they’re all free. So that’s a plus.

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