For the love of lists.

One of the things I am discovering these days is that you have to stay busy when you have nothing going on. If I didn’t stay moving, I would literally sleep 5 times a day and gain a significant amount of weight on top of that.

But it’s also all about making sure I don’t get too used to relaxing and watching Netflix. If I get too comfortable, I worry that I’ll never successfully get another job. Or, if I do get a job it will be a step down from what I used to do. And therefore a huge leap in the wrong direction.

So what am I supposed to do with all this free time? Well aside from amusing  everyone by bantering on this blog I am making attempts to keep life interesting.

  • Applying for jobs (no-brainer)
  • Cleaning every inch of the apartment
  • Working on my scrapbook
  • Having friends over
  • Writing exercises
  • Exercising daily

But even with those things, life could get boring pretty quickly. So! I signed up for a class on Microsoft Excel to better my chances at an office job. It should also get me back into the swing of doing homework and tests and all that.

I’m hoping to do volunteer work for the Obama campaign, as well.

Making lists only goes so far, though. I’m really learning that I need to be taking every day that is given to me for everything it has. Life is short and days are shorter. Any day that is not appreciated and enjoyed as much as it can be, is a day wasted.

And maybe,  just maybe, in the course of keeping busy, volunteering, and exploring new avenues I can figure out what it is that I want to do with the rest of my life and truly make this time of unemployment count.


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