Applicable Applications

So. I put the resume to the test yesterday. Whenever I came across a place in the mall that claimed to be hiring, I tried to give them my resume. Sadly, it really didn’t go as well as I would have liked.

When I was a manager people would frequently ask if we were hiring and if they could drop off a resume. I always accepted it and suggested that they could also apply online as an extra gesture. I would still call them and interview them regardless of whether they actually applied or now.
The way I saw it, the resume answered all of my questions. And if it was interesting enough, I would call them and ask any questions I had in the interview. It’s a law that we had to keep information on file for at least a month. I had a special file for resumes and would discard of them when it had been a month.

Only one of the three people I gave my resume to appreciated it. One took the resume and gave me an application as well. The other gave back the resume, was extremely rude to me, and then gave me an application.

I understand the fact that large corporations need you to keep copies of applicants for their records. But that’s no reason to be rude to me. I am an adult who was laid off from a management position. I have a degree, volunteer experience, customer service experience, sales experience, and am about to start taking classes to make myself even more employable. I am applying at you corporate bath needs store in the mall (no names shall be mentioned) because I need a job. I also need to prove I am actively searching for employment for unemployment. There is no need to talk down to me. How would it be, manager, if you were suddenly pushed from your position after years of service. Then, to try and make ends meet, you had to start applying at new places for positions that were below your level of experience.

Would it just be nice to have the managers of these places at least just take the resume you spent so much time on, hand you an application to supplement the resume, and wish you good luck? It would hardly take any effort. And would be worth the change in attitude.

Anyways, one of the places I went to is only temporary work. Probably only a few hours a week. But it would be an easy job and I could easily still look for a “real” job while I’m doing that.

The last place is actually looking for an Assistant Manager and apparently they are pretty desperate. A college friend told me about it. I have negative desire to go back into the service industry. But I also don’t know how good my chances are of getting the nice office job I want are. Need to keep myself open to opportunities if I want to succeed.

In the meantime I’m just going to keep getting my resume out there and hope that I can work something out.

How do you guys feel about temp jobs?


3 thoughts on “Applicable Applications

  1. I’ve worked enough temp jobs to know that in many cases, the companies using temps are truly using temp-to-perms. If you are valued after putting in 3-6 months on the job, they will bring you on full time.

    I’m currently on a temp (to-hopeful-perm) job with John Deere to get into their Supply Management team, and this is the third temp job I’ve had in my life, so they’ve paid off for me.

    • That’s good to know. The one “temp” job I was looking at is truly temporary as they are only open until Halloween. But I’ll definitely keep an eye out for long term temp positions as well, just in case!

  2. There’s one other advantage – if you put in your dues with one temp position and that one truly is a temp job, if you perform well enough the temp company will definitely actively search to retain you through their other clients – plus, they’ll have a better idea of what skills you bring to the table.

    Part of how I got this JD job was through A.) continued opportunities with the same temp agency, and B.) an amazing set of references from my previous temp position (my boss was amazing, and the letter he wrote damn near brought tears to my eyes).

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