Time to Tutor?

I have found that one of the most disappointing things about my current resume, is the fact that I have little to add to it that is connected to my actual degree. I have a few instances if copywriting and editing to bandy about. But nothing serious. There’s also the fact that I need to start picking up a little extra money while I try to exist off of unemployment.

So, to take care of all those things, I set up a tutoring page on this site called WyzAnt. All it takes is:

  • Create an account
  • Pick the subjects you want to teach
  • Become “certified” in those subjects by taking & passing quizzes
  • Fill out pricing, upload a picture, write a description of your knowledge

And BOOM you’re a tutor. Well. You do sort need to know some stuff about your subjects…

It seems like a pretty decent idea. And with the right amount of effort and advertising, I could actually make a bit of money off of it.

Which brings me to part of today’s topic. Advertising. How much should I really invest into this?

One of the major pros for this site is that they offer you advertising materials. They have business cards, HTML embedding, and even flyers for you to make and print out. Of course, the more money you make the more money they make. But, it’s nice of them to do it regardless.

I did manage to figure out how to make a Facebook page for my new “company” and invited all my friends to Like it. Of course most of them probably won’t since the page won’t really mean anything to them. And that’s part of the problem with Facebook. Unless someone happens to be searching “tutoring in Asheville” on Facebook, I probably won’t get a lot of business that way. Not that my friends wouldn’t help me if they could, they just happen to be adults who don’t need to be educated in English, Literature, reading and the like. Yes, some of them have kids, but they’re toddlers and infants. Well…for the most part. A few have 6 and 7 year olds, but that’s a little more rare.

So, do I go ahead and take it a step further and buy ad space on Facebook? One of the coolest things on there is the way you can set up an ad. You choose the picture, the content, and even the audience for your ad. You can choose people who like sports, reading, gardening, etc. Or you can choose to target people with kids a certain age or who are engaged or divorced for a certain amount of time. While I’ll admit it IS a little creepy, it’s a very cool concept and well set up.

But am I really going to make a career out of this? Not likely. So is it worth the fee to make the ad? We shall have to see.

I can also use code provided by the site to make a widget to post on other sites. Like job sites and craigslist.com. But, I sort of worry about the people  that frequent craigslist and job sites might be a little to serious for what I am trying to do here.

I’m thinking that, for now, I’ll stick to making some flyers to post around and have the Facebook page and hope something comes of it. If all else fails I can pay a little bit of money and get my glorious face pasted on the side bar of Facebook for the United States to behold. In the mean time, let me know what you think!

and when you’re done with that you can check me out at:


Shameless promotion, I know. But this is a post about advertising…so hush!



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